Ward 6



Your Voice for WARD 6

Vaun was 5 year old when she moved to Strathcona County.  It was in 1956 and her family lived in one of the first one hundred houses where the Urban development was being designed for the refinery workers. Vaun’s father, Wayne Stanyer was the first Fire Chief for Strathcona County and her mother, Pat Stanyer was one of the County’s first Real Estate agents.  Vaun married Dennis Gramatovich, they had 2 children and now 4 grandchildren and together they enjoy spending time with family and their 2 dogs.

As a former owner of several businesses Vaun has developed many skills such as leadership, fiscal responsibility, conflict resolution, and others.

Vaun was passionate about community involvement before she was even old enough to vote.  She worked on a local election representing the youth of her community. Vaun was a founding member of the parent group that was instrumental in bringing  the Ukrainian Bilingual program to the County.  She volunteered for the first Canada Day Celebration held in the County and continued for over two decades. Vaun was a member of the Chamber of Commerce for many years and also provided sponsorship for the Trade Fair as well as featuring young talent from our community. As a published author herself, Vaun volunteered with grade five students from two Elementary Schools teaching them how to write short stories of which she later published in a book for each school.

As a valuable member of Strathcona county for over five decades, Vaun has seen how good municipal leadership and vision have made Strathcona one of Alberta’s more desirable communities. 

Vaun brings valuable assets as a communicator, a woman of vision, and a valued community member. 



  • Ensure we maintain safe and effective COVID protocols within the County to protect all residents while evaluating the crisis as it continues to develop;
  • Community support for all our residents especially seniors, youth, and the vulnerable;
  • Engage and have constructive conversations with residents and businesses of Ward 6 and bring their views to Counsel;
  • Encourage development involving water and land that promotes a healthy rural environment;
  • Involve residents in conversations regarding future growth and development within the County;
  • Represent the County with pride while promoting present and future growth and development .